Artsy Bee

Design of business cards to
billboards and everything in between

Design of wedding invitations

to baby announcements



I work with Judy annually to help promote her personal art show. Judy's beautiful art makes a fantastic palette from which to create her postcard and email invitations. Every year presents new and exciting opportunities I look forward to with anticipation.




Creating beautiful forms helps to establish a professional appearance. Every form has a different purpose and is created with individual needs in mind.
I enjoy using my creative abilities to make a form both functional and eye-appealing.




I love the challenge of trying to convey a message with as few words as possible. Signs come in all shapes and sizes, and each one conveys a unique message to the viewer.




Whether a novel, an annual report, or a program guide, I can create a book with a cohesive feel from cover to cover. The sample provided is a project for the Town of Morinville that I love to take on 3 times a year, providing design of cover and several ads (some are provided by the advertiser), as well as layout of programs.




Every poster is different with a unique message of its own. I thoroughly enjoy the diversity in all of my opportunities to design these posters.



I love creating images that are published on websites and on social media platforms. Not unlike creating a postcard or advertisement for a print medium, creating these pieces is an extension of an advertising program already in place. The only difference is that the audience can immediately connect with the client in some way.